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Swiss Association of Sport Psychology (SASP)Deutsche Vereinigung für Sportwissenschaft (dvs)Österreichischen Bundesnetzwerk SportpsychologieDeutscher Olympischer Sportbund (DOSB)International Society of Sport Psychology

The asp

The German Society of Sport Psychology (asp) represents the interests of the sports psychology inside and outside the universities in Germany. Currently, the asp consists of 455 full members (cited: May 2018). The purpose of the society is the promotion and development of sport psychology in research, teaching and in the fields of application of performance, expertise and health.

The asp offers further educational curricula in the field of performance and health. Graduates complete the further education as sport psychological expert (asp-curriculum competitive sports).

The medium of the asp ist the Journal of Sport Psychology (Hogrefe Verlag).

You can find the statue of the asp (cited 2015) here as a pdf (download in german language).

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52. Jahrestagung der asp

„Zukunft der Sportpsychologie - zwischen Verstehen und Evidenz“

21.-23- Mai 2020