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Young Investigators 

The term "asp young investigators" refers to those who engage in scientific and scholarly work with a focus on sport psychologyFor habilitates, the asp has published a statement on cumulative habilitation (in German language).

The task of the representative of young investigators is to represent the interests of young researchers within the executive board and to generate possibilities of funding. Additionally, it is his or her task to inform the young investigators about external funding, scholarships etc. and to solve problems. Outstanding efforts by young scientists are awarded by the Karl-Feige Award and the asp-study Award.

For suggestions, wishes and proposals, which are of interest for the support and funding of young scientists in the field of sport psychology, please contact:

Dr. Harald Seelig

University of Basel
Departement for Sport, Motion and Health (DSBG)
Birsstrasse 320 B
CH-4052 Basel
+41 (0)61 207 4786

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52. Jahrestagung der asp

„Zukunft der Sportpsychologie - zwischen Verstehen und Evidenz“

21.-23- Mai 2020