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Which qualification or degree will I get when finishing the curriculum top-level sports (asp)?

With the successful completion of all components of the modular training in sport psychology in top-level sports you may call yourself sport psychological expert (asp curriculum top-level sports). However, this means: With the completion of further education no legally protected job title "sport psychologist" is awarded (both in the field of sports science and psychology). The successful completion as sportpsychological expert (asp-curriculum top-level sports) is necessary for inclusion in the expert database of the Federal Institute of Sports Science (BISp). The curriculum sport psychology in top-level sports serves as an entrance qualification to institutionalised, sports psychological support in Germany.

I have a Master's degree sports psychology or aspire to do this. Do I have to visit the Curriculum sport psychology in top-level sports of the asp, so I can be listed on the database of experts sport psychological experts of BISp?

Yes. The curriculum is a postgraduate education and requires as a prerequisite for entry a recognized university master's degree. The further education program is carried out with competence-oriented view of the sport psychological needs and requirements in the practice of competitive sports. All contents are therefore aligned with a strong practical focus and deepen the more research-oriented contents of the Master's program. This expertise is mediated in specific methods and fields of applied sport psychology (e.g. dealing with parents or working in youth academy sports).

The asp offers both a curriculum "sport psychological training" as well as a curriculum "sport psychological coaching". What is the difference?

The curriculum sport psychological training provides sport psychology training skills. Sport psychological training refers to a long-term systematic process that aims at learning and practicing mental skills (e.g. concentration training, presentation training).
The curriculum sport psychological coaching provides coaching skills. Sport psychological coaching refers to the client-centered counseling and guidance of coach and athlete with the aim of strengthening mental and physical health.

Both curricula are independent. Simply visiting a curriculum is sufficient to prove the sport psychological specialist expertise for possible inclusion in the expert database of the Federal Institute of Sports Science (BISp). The asp recommends visiting the curriculum sport psychological training first and then the curriculum sport psychological coaching.

Who should visit the asp curriculum health and what are the main differences regarding the asp curriculum top-level sports?

The curriculum health is aimed to all those working in the field of prevention and rehabilitation. Sometimes, the contents are overlapping regarding the curriculum top-level sport, such as the central mediation of sport psychological techniques like interview training or general coaching principles. However, both the application context and the target groups remain specific to the topics of health prevention and rehabilitation.

I want to have a sport psychological supervision. What do I do?  

Within the supervision section, you can see the current supervision offers. If no offer meets your preferences, please contact the practical service of the asp. We will try to give you a suitable supervision offer.

Where do I find information about further educational programs?

You can find information about the current offers within the section "further education" of this website. In addition, the Center for Mental Excellence of our partner Dr. Christopher Willis offers individual workshops for the targeted skills development in the field of sport psychology practice at regular intervals.

WiIl the visit of the annual meeting of the asp counted as part of my training obligations to remain on the BISp expert database?

The participation on the annual conference of the asp for this is not enough. You must visit designated practice workshops at the annual meeting. Practical workshops will be offered during each annual meeting on various topics.

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